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Our mission is to report on renewable energies, technologies and trends for advancing humanity out of the age of Oil.

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Updated Monday, September 15, 2010

About new energy report

The New Energy Report is a site dedicated to the search, discovery and promotion of clean, sustainable energy solutions for our world today and tomorrow. Find important scientific research and statistics related to renewable energy sources in an effort to educate and inform the public on how to accelerate the move from fossil fuels and nuclear power to new and better planet-friendly solutions for the future. Get the facts on new powerful energy source developments from magnetic generators to zero-point energy devices and advanced hydrogen processes. Other advanced energy solutions often documented on The New Energy Report also includes information on wind, solar and geo-thermal technologies to name a few. Refer to The New Energy Report for pertinent announcements on New Energy Movement educational programs, conferences, outreaches and publications. New Energy is a term for energy solutions that are not yet used but that have extraordinary potential to be developed. New hydrogen physics energy, also known as “cold fusion” or “Low-Energy Nuclear Reactions” is one of the major 3 categories often discussed.

A second category includes Vacuum energy or Zero Point Energy, the third often referred to New Energy solution is created through sensible thermal energy. By developing these technologies, future generations will become much more self-reliant, no longer bridled to other nations. Communities will be able to build their own new energy systems provided with the construction materials. War over oil will be eliminated and cheap desalination and water pumping will make even the deserts lush and green. It will become cheap to produce potable water anywhere; even agriculture will change with New Energy solutions leading the way. Hydrocarbon fuels will no longer be transported where accidents can and do happen. New Energy will be able to turn existing nuclear waste into non-radioactive waste. The current electric power-grid will eventually die and disappear along with the wires that hang obtrusively from city streets to country roads. The New Energy Report, every activists guide and resource to finding and supporting the smartest and cleanest energy solutions for our planet. .

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